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Civil War Era Rifles - Fine Examples of Civil War Era Rifles. The owner, from Memphis, had a lifelong love of antique firearms and was the brother-in-law of our NASA Apollo engineer. Please be sure to attend preview to inspect these historical firearms. - Auction Starts to Close: Tuesday, September 8, 7PM
Preview: Tuesday, September 8, 1-5PM
Removal: Wednesday, September 9, 2-5PM

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1 1t.jpgDESCRIPTION: War-dated Civil War Musket. Lock plate is marked William Mason, Taunton, Massachusetts. To the rear of the hammer is the date, 1863. The date 1863 can also be found on the barrel tang. The musket is a Model 1861. There is also a Civil War bayonet which fits it. (See Lot #5) The musket shows lots of use. The original ram rod is pitted. Also the lock plate is pitted, which shows that it was fired many times as the percussion caps used in the Civil War were very corrosive. The hammer mechanism is excellent. The markings are faint but there, and readable. There are two cartouches faintly visible on left side of stock. The stock is in very good to excellent condition. These were the primary differences between the special Model 1861 rifle musket produced exclusively under contract and the regulation model 1861 as produced at Springfield and by most contractors. Aside from these changes and the blued finish applied to some parts of a portion of the model 1863 rifle muskets, the arm remained much the same as its predecessors. It should be noted that the model 1863, were produced at Springfield only during that year, for not only were the changes for this arm approved on February 9, 1863, but subsequent changes initiating another variation U.S. model 1863, Type (Fig. 5B & Fig. 10C) were approved on the 17th of December. During 1863, a total of 273,265 model 1863 Type rifle muskets were turned out at Springfield, establishing a new production record for any U.S. armory. In addition to this number, a relatively small quantity was produced by a few of the contractors who had initially undertaken the manufacture of the model 1861 rifle muskets, but who apparently modified their production to conform with the changes at Springfield. Although no government contracts are known which specified the model 1863 arm, it is know that they were produced by such contractors as Alfred Jenk & Son; William Mason; Norris & Clement; E Remington & Son and the Savage Revolving Fire Arms Company. These and possibly a very few others manufactured model 1861 rifle muskets but in relatively small quantities. During its life span, which lasted less than a year, no changes are known to have been incorporated into the U.S. model 1863 rifle musket, until 1863 when a variation to the model was introduced. (Fig. 10C & 5B)

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