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Civil War Era Rifles - Fine Examples of Civil War Era Rifles. The owner, from Memphis, had a lifelong love of antique firearms and was the brother-in-law of our NASA Apollo engineer. Please be sure to attend preview to inspect these historical firearms. - Auction Starts to Close: Tuesday, September 8, 7PM
Preview: Tuesday, September 8, 1-5PM
Removal: Wednesday, September 9, 2-5PM

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3 3t.jpgDESCRIPTION: Austrian Jaeger Tube-Lock Rifle - L. E. 1852. FERD.FRUWIRTH on top of barrel. 852 on right side below trigger. (Kammerbuchse designed in Vienna) Rifled with original ramrod. Rear sight replaced. Excellent bore, very good wood. Original patch box cover is missing and has a replaced piece of wood. Decorative pewter-colored metal inlay on left stock. Serial number 175 on barrel. A muzzle-loader with original ramrod. Stock has cheek rest to lessen recoil and make gun more accurate. Original barrel approx. 72 caliber. Wood stamped FF1852 on the bottom of the stock. Comments about these rifles from the Internet: Austrian arms play a major part in American history as many thousands were imported by the North and the South during the Civil War. Many of these were the earlier console tube locks that were easily converted to percussion by adding a drum and nipple. The Console and Augustin locks can be easily fired today by laying a musket cap upside down in the channel and closing the latch around it. The firing anvil will easily set them off.

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