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Boyleston Auctions
Roy Wagner Estate Auction #3 - 07/17/2015 6:00 p.m.

Item Description
1.1980s Slate Bottom Pool Table with Dual Built-In Scoring, Includes Set of Billiards Ball and Rack, 100" x 56"
2.Boxed Set of Billiard Balls, Made in Belgium
3.Billiards Table Light, Wall Plug, 2 Fluorescent Bulb, 35" x 14"
4.Viking Pool Cue, Custom, Inlay Eagle Design, USA, 3 Shafts (58"L)
5.Lucasi Pool Cue, Spear and Diamond Design, 2 Shafts, 58"L
6.(2) Harvard Pool Cues, Iridescent Blue (1 missing butt cap)
7.Custom Hand Carved Pool Cues with Case, Carved Animal Head, Thailand
8.Pro Carrying Case with Accessories, Gloves, Ultimate Tip Pool
9.Minnesota Fats Professional Pool Cue, 2 Piece, 58"L, Irishline Wrap, Maple Shaft, #MFP215
10.Player XI Pool Cue with Golden Dragon Design, 58" L, with Case
11.Budweiser 'Louie the Lizard', 18 oz. 58", 2 Piece
12.Miller Genuine Draft Pool Cue, 19 oz., 2 Piece, 58"L
13.Custom Pool Cue, 2 Piece, 58"L
14.Lishan Pool Cue, 2 Piece, 58"L
15.Custom Pool Cue, 19 oz. 2 Piece, 58"L
16.J & J Pool Cue, 19 oz. 2-Piece, 58"L
17.Wooden Pool Cue, Some nicks, 58" L, 2-Piece
18.Wooden Pool Cue, 2-Piece, 58"L
19.Burled Wood and Leather Skin Design Pool Cue, 58", 2 Piece
20.Pool Cue, Dark Notched Wood Butt with Maple Shaft, 58"L, 4-Piece, Missing Tip
21.Pool Cue, Dark Notched Wood Butt with Maple Shaft, 58", 2-Piece, Missing Tip & Butt Cap
22.Pool Cue, Dark Notched Wood Butt with Maple Shaft, 4 Piece, 58"L, top screw loose
23.Pool Cue, Dark Wood & Maple, Maple Shaft, 2-Piece, 58"L
24.Pool Cue, Maple Shaft, 2 Pieces, 58"L
25.Pool Cue, Maple Shaft, 2 Pieces, 58"L
26.Pool Cue, Maple Shaft, 2 Pieces, 58"L
27.Pool Cue, Maple Shaft, 2 Pieces, 58"L
28.Pool Cue, Maple Shaft, 2 Pieces, 58"L
29.Pool Cue, Maple Shaft, 2 Pieces, 51", Missing Butt Cap
30.Pool Cue, Maple Shaft, 1 Piece, 52"L
31.Pool Cue, Maple Shaft, 1 Piece, 48"
32.Pool Cue, Maple Shaft, 1 Piece, 48"L, #2318
33.Pool Cue, Maple Shaft,1 Piece, 48"L, #2318
34.Pool Cue, Maple Shaft, 1 Piece, 56"L
35.Billiard Bridge Stick, 55"
36.Billiard Bridge Stick, 57"
37.Pool Cue Wall Mount Rack, Wood, 3 Shelves, 28 1/2"H
38.Pool Cue Wall Mount Rack, Wood, 3 Shelves, 1 Drawer, 32"T, Includes Chalk Supplies
39.Mask, Hand Carved, Wenge Wood, Bird Design, 21"H x 7"W x 6"D, Missing piece left of lips
40.African Mask, Hand Carved, Wenge Wood, 12"H x 4"W x 2"D
41.Hair Comb, Hand Carved Wood, Female Figure, 20"H x 6"W x 1.5"D
42.Mask, Female Figure, Hand Carved, Good Color, 13"H x 7"W x 4.5"D
43.Mask, Male Figure, Hand Carved Wood, Good Color, 13" x 7" x 4.5"
44.Tribal Headdress, Hand Carved Wood, Goat Hair, 35"H x 11"W x 6"D
45.Seated Male Fertility Statue, Stroking Beard, Hand Carved Wood, 19"H x 4 1/2"D
46.Male Statue, Beating Drum, Wood, Hand Carved, 16"H x 4"W x 2.5"D
47.Kneeling Male Statue, Hand Carved, Wood, 11"H x 2.5"W x 2.5"D
48.Male Figure Playing Drum, Wood, Hand Carved, 11"H x 3"W x 1 1/4"D
49.Gorilla, Hand Carved Wood, 4 1/2"H x 4 1/2"W x 2"D
50.Tortoise, Snail and Gun; Hand Carved Wood, Good Color, 9" x 6" x 5"
51.Bookends, Elephant Figures, Wood, Hand Carved, 7" x 5" x 6 1/2"
52.Elephant, Hand Carved Wood, 8" x 11" x 5"
53.Canoe, Hand Carved Wood, Crocodile Head, Ivory Teeth, 10 Men, 27"L x 9.5"H x 1.5"W
54.Lizard Wood Carved & Notched, 33" x 10" x 3"
55.Wood Carved & Notched Lizard, 33" x 10" x 3" (broken leg)
56.Crocodile Figure, Hand Carved & Etched Wood, 24" x 5" x 3"
58.Lion Figure, Hand Carved Wood, 12"L x2.5"W 6"H x
59.Crocodile Figure, Hand Carved, 14"L
60.Wood Hand Carved Animal Figures: Deer 6"x5" (deer missing antler), Reed Buck 4"x4", Lion4" x 2" , Monkey 4" x 1"
61.Wood Hand Carved Animal Figures: Lion 8" x 4" x 3", Water Buffalo (broken horn piece included)
62.Hand Carved Wooden Figure, Tall Slender Hatted Man, 13.5" x 2.5" x 2.5"
63.Hand Carved Wood Animal Figures, Elephant 5.5" x 5" x 2.5", Hippopotamus 5" x 3" x 3"
64.Female Fertility Statue, Wood, Hand Carved, 17"H x 2"W x 2"D
65.Woven Reed & Straw Animal Figures: Giraffe 7" x 3" x 2", Lion 4" x 4" x 2" (missing tooth)
66.Stone Sculpture, Male Figure, 8" x 4" x 1.5"
67.Metal Female Figure Holding Baby with Pestal and Wooden Grinding Bowl, Probably Brass, Bowl is Wood. 6.5" x 3" x 3"
68.Metal Lidded Jar, Ornate with Man/Monkey/Goat Figures on Lid. 9"H x 5" x 5"
69.Metal Lidded Jar, Villagers & King on Lid in Ceremonial Celebration. Ornate Detail. Two Handles. 11" x 7" x
70.Ornate Wooden Cane with Mother of Pearl Inlay, 38"L (bottom wrapped with tape)
71.Ornate Cane with Hand Carved Bone Crane Head, 37" L
72.Hand Carved Wood Plaque Depicting Ceremony: 18" x 12.5" x 1.5"
73.Wood Hand Carved Plaque Depicting Ceremony, 18" x 12.5" x 1.5"
74.Lidded Painted Jar Carved from Gourd, 6"H x 5"W
75.Hand Turned Wide Mouth Vase, 9.5" x 4"
76.Red Glazed Pottery Planter/Vase, 9.5" x 8.5" x 6"
77.Hair Comb, Hand Carved, Female Figure, 8"H x 2.5"w
78.Ivory Sculpture, Warrior, 4"H x 2"W
79.Hand Carved Wood Dugout Canoe, People Damaged, 11"L
80.Hand Carved Feet Ashtrays, 1 in Good Condition
81.Hand Carved Wooden Colonial Figure Holding Bat, 29" x 10" 7"
82.African Drum, Bottom and Top are Animal Skin, Twine Cord, 30"H x 8.5"
83.Mask, Hand Carved Wood, 14"H x 7"W x 5"D
84.Skull & Horn Set, Mounted, KOB, Mole Ghana, 13"H x 12"
85.Hand Carved Wood Panel, Village Scene, 18" x 12"
86.Hand Carved Wood Plaque Depicting King & Villagers, 14"H x 20"L x 1"D
87.Wood Hand Carved Wall Plaque, Tribal Scene, 17"H x 24"W x 1"D
88.Wood Hand Carved Panel, Floral Design, 18"H x 26"W x 1"D
89.Artist Signed Hand Carved Panel, Ship, JCK Atikpo, 27"W x 17"H x 1"D
90.Hand Carved Wood Panel, Crocodiles, Turtles, Men, Birds, Deer: 43"H x 18"W x 1"D
91.Hand Carved Wood Panel, Harvest, 21" x 18.5" x 1.5"
92.Wooden Spoon Rack with Beaded Strap, Hooks for Spoons, 31.5"L x 6 1/4"W
93.Inlaid Wood Hand Carved Plaque, Male Figure, 22"H x 9.5"W x 1"
94.Inlaid Wood Hand Carved Plaque,Female Figure, 22"H x 9.5"W x 1"
95.Hand Carved Wood Slat Seat, 20"W x 13" x 10"
96.(2) African Hand Crafted Cushions: (1) Animal Hide & Dyed Leather. Each 15" Diameter x 3.5"
97.Hand Crafted Camel Saddle. Dark Wood with Brass Studs, White Leather Seat. 20" x 10" x 13"
99.Nude Female Figure, Inscribed "Lover of the Year 1965", Metal/Brass, 10"H x 4"W x 2.5"D
100.Hand Carved Wood Tray with Assorted Fruit, 9 pcs., 17" x 8" x 1.5"
101.African Woven Sash, 8'L
102.Asian Jade Basket & Stone Flowering Tree, 13" x 10" x 3"
103.Woven Straw Baskets with Lids, 11 Pcs., 11" with Lid on is largest
104.Woven Twine Wreath/Ring, 8.5" Diameter x 2"
105.Asian Hand Painted Bowls with River Scenes
106.African Batik Art, Artist Signed, Hand Painted Cloth Mounted on Wood 35.5" x 18",, 1984
107.African Batik Art, Market, Artist Signed, Hand Painted Cloth Mounted on Wood, 18" x 25.5", 1984
108.African Batik Art, Artist Signed, Hand Painted Cloth on Wood, 35.5" x 18", 1984
109.African Batik Art, Artist Signed, Hand Painted Cloth on Wood, 35.5" x 18", 1984
110.African Batik Art, Artist Signed, 1984, Hand Painted Cloth on Wood, 35" x 16"
111.African Batik Art, Antelope, Artist Signed, 32" x 18.5"
112.African Batik Art, Warthogs, Artist Signed, 34" x 17.5"
113.African Batik Art, Artist Signed, Geometric Patterns, 35" x 19"
114.African Batik Art, Giraffe, Hand Painted Cloth on Wood, 56" x 19.5"W
115.Framed Oil on Canvas, Artist Signed, Seth Yonkiva 1984, 39" x 29"
116.Framed Original, African Female with Baby, 40" x 18.5"
117.4-Panel Screen, India, Hand Carved, Copper & Brass Inlay, Each Panel is 72"H x 21"W. Top Left Panel has Some Damage.
118.African Hand Carved King Chair. Chair Carved from 1 Piece of Wood. Detail includes lion heads and birds. Heavy. 43"H x 21"W x 21"D
119.Framed Original Painting, Artist Signed, Kofi Lemaire 1984, Seaside Village Scene, 36" x 24"
120.1952 Lane Cedar Chest, Interior Shelf, Veneer Exterior (small chips in veneer at bottom), 47" x 20" x 23"
121.African Hand Carved 2-Piece Tribal Chair (Back is 39" x 16" x 1.5") (Seat is 33" x 16" x 1.5")
122.Original Framed Painting, Ballerina (painted by Mr. Wagner's mother) 20" x 24"
123.Original Framed Painting, Geisha Girl, (painted by Mr. Wagner's mother) 20" x 24"
124.Framed Water Color, Bridge Over River, Asia, 24" x 20.5"
125.Vintage Kenmore Sewing Machine in Cabinet (working condition) Mod. #1120
126.Original Oil on Canvas, Artist Signed, Egolloh, 19" x 24"
127.Original Oil, Female Nude, Artist Signed, Chau, 20" x 12"
128.Oil on Canvas, Original, Beach Scene with Pier, 30" x 20"
129.Framed Original Painting, Tropical Fish, 29.5" x 9"
130.Framed Original Painting, Tropical Fish, 29.5" x 9"
131.Vintage Hand Crafted Table-Stool with Abalone Shell Top, Wood Legs
132.Bamboo and Rattan Corner Shelf, 44" x 20" x 12"
134.2-Tier Bamboo and Rattan Corner Shelf, 28" x 23" x 16"
135.New in Box, Not Assembled, Collectibles in Country Keeper Cabinet, #35052, with hardware
136.Heavy Solid Wood Futon Couch Bed, 84" x 54" x 25" (Cushion/Mattress is Stained)
137.Solid Heavy Wood Futon, Love Seat Size, Extra Wood Back, 64" x 52" x 25", Cushion/Mattress Stained
138.Vita Mixer Commercial Maxi 4000 with 3 Cookbooks, Catalog, with Tamper
139.Heavy Duty Ceiling Fan, New in Box. The Andorra Collection, 52", 5 Blade, Lights, 3 Speed, Reverse, Powder Coat Graphite
140.Heavy Duty Ceiling Fan, New in Box. The Andorra Collection, 52", 5 Blade, Lights, 3 Speed, Reverse, Powder Coat Graphite
141.Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan. New in Box. 30", 3 Speed, Reversible, White Finish, Mod. 154857
142.Signed Pete Rose Poster, Framed, All Time Hits Leader, Cincinnati Red, Includes 4 Baseball Cards, Certificate of Authenticity, 21" x 17"
143.Honus Wagner, Pittsburg, Poster, Signer Unknown, 271/900, 30" x 16.5"
144.Bob Feller Autographed Poster, 11-3-93, with Certificate of Authenticity, Artist Signed Pring, 50/75, Doug West, 16" x 20"
145.Signed Tony Gwynn Bat, Certificate of Authenticity, Louisville Slugger Mod. M110
146.Worth Model 511SB Bat #3
147.Collector Set, Basketball, USA Starting Lineup 1996, Set #2 or 2, In Box with Poster: Player Figures: Grant Hill, Reggie Miller, Hakeem Olajuwon, Karl Malone, Glenn Robinson
148.George Gervin (Ice) Signed, NBA Spalding Basketball in Box, Certificate of Authenticity
149.Signed Bill Sharman Basketball and Trading Card, in Plexiglass Presentation Cube
150.Final Four Signed Basketball in Presentation Case. 4 Signatures. Year and Names not Known.
151.Hall of Fame, Bill Walton, Signed Spalding NBA Basketball in Presentation Case
152.Nate Archibald Signed Spalding NBA Basketball in Box, Certificate of Authenticity
153.Baiden 400 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball
154.Jackie Smith, Hall of Fame, Signed Wilson NFL Football in Presentation Case
155.Jim Brown #32 Signed Wilson NFL Football in Presentation Case
156.Terrell Davis, #30, Signed Spalding NFL Football, League Player, Certificate of Authenticity and notarized statement
157.Terrell Davis, #30, Signed Spalding NFL Football, League Player, Cannot Certificate of Authenticity
158.1997 Shoney's SEC Limited Edition Football
159.Deacon Jones Hall of Fame #80 Signed Mini Football Helmet in Presentation Cube, 5" x 6"
160.Paul Hornung, #86 Hall of Fame, Signed Mini Helmet, in Presentation Cube, 5" x 6", with Certificate of Authenticity
161.Cordell Stewart, #10, Signed Mini Helmet in Presentation Cube, Certificate of Authenticity
162.Upper Deck Baseball '92-'93 Shaquille O'Neal, Center, 10" x 12" Glossy Framed
163.Shaq Attack Pepsi Collector Set, 4 Bottles, 1 Case
164.Cal Ripken Jr Signed AL Official Rawlings Baseball in Presentation Case
165.Signed Rawlings AL Baseball with Presentation Cube
166.George Kell Signed AL Rawlings Official Baseball in Presentation Cube
167.Signed Rawlings Official Baseball, player signature not known
168.Red Schoendienst Signed Rawlings NL Official Baseball
169.Ken Griffey Jr. 8x10 Framed with Wall Plaque with 2 Signed Cards, Certificate of Authenticity
170.Ellis Burks, Signed 8 x 10 with 3 Trading Cards, Wood Plaque 15.5" x 13"
171.Pepper Paire Davis Framed Article with Envelope, 14" x 11" "A League of their Own"
172.Nate Archibald Hall of Fame, Signed 8x10, Celtic #7, with Certificate of Authenticity
173.Michael Jordan (1) 8x10 (2) Cards Signed, 15" x 13" Plaque, with Certificates of Authenticity for cards and 8 x 10
174.Clyde Drexler, 15" x 13" Plaque, Card and Name Plate
175.Dan Marino Signed 8x10 and 2 Cards, Mounted on 15 x 13 Plaque, Certificates of Authenticity
176.Chicago Bulls Commemorative Pin Set in Case, Never Opened, Four-Time Champs '91, '92, '93 and '96. With Certificate
177.(2) Terrell Davis Cards with Certificates of Authenticity, with 15 x 13 Plaque
178.Hank Aaron Salute Souvenir Program, Sept. 17, 1976, Special in Wrap
179.6 Signed Signature Rookie 8 x 10s, 5 SEC, 1 FSU
183.8x10 Photos, Signed, Jamal Mashburn with Certificate of Authenticity, Bryant Reeves Oklahoma State, Errict Rhett Tampa Bay #32
184.8x10 Signed Photos: Juan Gonzalez with Certificate of Authenticity, Roger Clemens, Tony Gwynn
185.8x10 Signed Glossy Photos: Lenny Moore with Certificate of Authenticity, Bill Sharman
186.(2) Scotty Pippen 8 x 10 photos, Both Signed with Certificates of Authenticity
187.(3) Signed Rookie 8 x 10s, Step Fret Williams, Cedric Jones, Trey Beaman, Signed with Certificates of Authenticity. (1) Kordel Stewart
188.Orlando Cepeda "The Baby Bull" Signed Book, 1987
189.Siegfried & Roy Signed 8 x 10 and Nick Varner Signed 8 x 10
190.Baseball Hall of Fame Art Postcards Limited Edition 12 Series in Box: Bob Feller, Catfish Hunter, Monty Irvin, Robin Roberts, Ron Santo, Lawrence Peter Berra
191.1993-1994 Fleer Ultra Series II, 201-375
192.Redskin Helmet Pennant, Assorted Football Cards, Approx. 175
193.Assorted Football Trading Cards: Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Brett Favre, John Elway & Other Assorted Football Greats, Approx. 100 Cards
194.Basketball Card Sheets: (5) 6 card (2) 4 Card (4) 2 Card, Mix of Pro and College
195.Basketball Trading Card Sheets: 15 Shaq, 7 Assorted
196.Assorted Baseball, Basketball and Football Trading Cards: US Olympic, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Courtside College Flashback Sets (2 Boxes), Holographic Cards ,
197.Sealed Sleeve of Basketball Cards: 1993-1994 Fleer Ultra NBA Jam Sessions, Barkley, Olajuwon, Pippen, Parrish, and More.
198.Collectible Cards: The Simpsons, SI Kids Set, 2 Gaming Cards:Leonard Nimoy, Gamins, Mr. Hero
199.Pete Maravich 1968 in Case,(4)5x7 Basketball Cards, Assorted Basketball Cards in Sleeves, Kobe Bryant in Case
200.Baseball Cards: 4 Chef Boyardee 6-Card Sheets, Assorted Baseball Cards: Andy Johnson, Jeff Bagwell, Jim Abbott, Greg Maddox and More.
201.Assorted Baseball Cards: Dwight Gooden, Mark McGwire, Sutcliffe, Viola, Brett, Armas, Gwynn, Hebner and More. Set of Puzzles
202.Signed Baseball Cards/Numbered: Manny Ramirez 275/50i0, Rick Sutcliffe 1/1000, Nolan Ryan Miracle of 69, Jerry Stackhouse 39/2500: AND unsigned: Stan Musial, Brooks Robinson, Hank Aaron, Roy Campanella, Brooks Robinson, Larry Walker in Case, Steve Garvey coaaster, Michael Jordan Baron's Classic Set in Pack. Some Basketball
203.2 Boxes: Plastic Card Presentation Cases, Plastic Inserts for Albums
204.Uncirculated Boxed Set of Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coins, First Year Mint Set, 1979, with Certificate, (3 coins)
205.Uncirculated Boxed Set of Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coins, First Year Mint Set, 1979, with Certificate, (3 coins)
206.Uncirculated Boxed Set of Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coins, First Year Mint Set, 1979, with Certificate, (3 coins)
207.Uncirculated Boxed Set of Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coins, First Year Mint Set, 1979, with Certificate, (3 coins)
208.2 Penn State Baseball Caps, New, Never Worn
209.Vintage Gag Gift: Corn on the Cob: Break in Case of Emergency
210.African Hand Carved Coat Rack with Animal Teeth Hooks, 27" x 5", Teeth are approx. 3"L each
211.African Woven Basket, 23", and Woven Purse 21"
212.Hand Painted Bowl 5"x6", Wood Carved Herd Animal with Broken Antler "7
213.Lion Head Wall Plaque, 24" x 18"
214.Vintage Pipe: Mr. Andrews White Bowl. Imported Algerian Briar. With Sleeve and Box
215.Vintage Pipe: Alfred Dunhill LTD, London, Box, Sleeve, Certificate of Guarantee
216.Vintage Pipe: Kay Woodie Knickerbocker Imported Briar, with Box
217.Asian "Hand Painted Panels, Village Scenes, Each 9.5" x 7
218.Pr. Framed Gary Patterson Humorous Tennis Prints, "Net Play" and "The Return"
219.Ceramic St. Nick Christmas Figure, 11"H
220.Ceramic Whimsical Goblets (2) 8"T
221.Vintage Wall Mount Weather Station: Barometer, Humidity, Temperature
222.Magnavox VHS Movie Maker HQ
223.Great American Steakhouse Onion Machine in Box
224.High Power Halogen Spotlight in Box #7247
225.Van Dykes Pro Fish Mounting Kit
226.420 Stainless Survival Knife with Sheath, 12"
227.Buck Knife, 121 USA, with Sheath, 10"
228.(3) Throwing Knives, with Sheath, 12"
229.Futuro Cervical Traction Kit
230.Showtime Rotisserie & BBQ, 19 x 13 x 14
231.Binocular Microscope, Magnifies 50x,250,500. Skill Craft Science Lab
232.Spencer Snap Fit Elec. Clock Machine in Box, new, 9.5" x 5.5" x 8"
233.Goldbeam The Producer II File to Video Transfer with Kit, Built-In Macro Lens #6V20
234.Vintage Kundo 400 Day Clock
235.Hand Carved Bench Seat, Curved Seat, 21.5" x 13.5" x 7"
236.Pr. of African Shields with Spears, Hand Crafted, 16" x 12"
237.(2) 42" Snake Skins, 42"L
238.Snake Skin, 9' x 13"
239.Snake Skin, 12'L x 16"W
240.Snake Skin, 13' x 16"
241.5' Round Leather Patchwork with Tassles, African
242.Vintage Hand Carved Fish, Various Sizes. Longest is 16"
243.Framed Displays of Butterflies and Moths: (2) 15" x 12", (2) 15" x 6", (1) 6" x 7", (1) 6" x 6", (2) 5" x 4"
244.2-Door Cabinet with Shelves, 28" x 24" x 12"
245.Book Shelf with Door, 72" x 30"W
246.Book Shelf with Door, 72" x 30"
247.Book Shelf, No Door, 72" x 30"
248.Book Shelf, No Door, 72" x 30"
249.4-Wheel Appliance Cart, 25" x 16" x 26"
250.Antique Chair, Green Upholstery, Wood Arms and Legs
251.Shark Figured Fashioned from Horn, 12"L
252.Malachite Stone Fish, Hand Carved, 5" x 3"
253.Ceramic Fish, 1 Has Broken Fin
254.Box of Assorted Shells
255.Vintage Collector Glasses: 12 Charlie Brown, 2 McDonalds
257.6 Assorted Framed Prints, 7" x 8.5"
258.Box of Picture Frames
259.K-Tell Micro-Chip Potato Chip Maker in Box
260.2 Pellet Pistols with Targets and Some Pellets
261.Stadium Chair and Magic Cloth Chamois
262.4 Wooden Spice Racks with 6 Bottles Each
263.Trunk 30" x 16" x 12.5"
264.Trunk 30" x 16" x 12.5"
265.Trunk 30" x 16" x 12.5"
266.Fondini 2-Piece Writing Pen Set
267.Bakelite Handle Whistling Kettle in Box, 2.5 liter
268.Voit, 28" m Box for Car/Truck, 28" x 6.5" x 11"
269.Panasonic AM/FM Stereo Tower with Phono, Equalizer, Dual Cassette , 2 Speakers
270.Canon BJC-610 Color Bubble Jet Printer (no cord)
271.Commodore 64 Piece Disk Drive 1541 (2)
272.Jeep Car Radio #56007214 AM/FM/Cassette
273.Enhanced Keyboard ACK-260-A
274.Physics Set 280 Experiments
275.Cabinet Knobs
276.Sanyo DA 4-Head HQVHS
277.Sawyers 550-A Slide Projector
278.Juster Multi Media Speaker System
279.Pioneer Mod BC-2002B, 2 Eagle, 1 Gemini Switcher, 1 GMI 47 Channel
280.Kenwood KFC-137 Speakers, 2 Sets, with Manual, Warranty, Boxes
281.Sony AM/FM Disc CDX 4160 Pop Out Front with Case
282.Vintage Paterson Trident Viewer in Box
283.AM/FM Stereo Tuner, Equalizer, Dual Cassette, Mont Wards Phono, 2 Speakers MOD 9223
284.Holiday Egg in Box, White Carnation Glass in Box
285.Sewing Kit
286.Wood Arcadia Ware Nut Trays (3)
287.Backgammon Game
288.Senior Games Medals, Red/White/Blue #37
289.35 Floppy Discs, Games, Hearing Aids
290.8(2) American Tourister Suitcases 26x19x
291.(2) 6-Row Slide Cases
292.Russer Fitness Case with Program
293.3 Pcs. Situps, Ski Walk, Leg Spring
294.B & D Dust Buster
295.Hoover 16.0 12 Amp Preferred Upright Vacuum
296.African Hand Woven Blanket, 7' x 5'
297.African Hand Woven Blanket 7' x 6'
298.African Hand Woven Blanket 7.5" x 5"
299.(5) Blankets, Queen Size
300.3 Army Blankets, Doubles
301.4 Moving Blankets
302.Large Box of Tupperware and Cups
303.Digital Dart Board with Dual Scoring
304.Wahl Home Barber Kit
305.Iron and Steamer
306.Altair Mod. KT 100A Humidifier
307.Christmas Decorations
308.2 Crutches
309.Ab Flex Machine
310.Sears 10/2/.50 Battery Charger-Starter, Coleman Screw Gun
311.Pull Down Projection Screen
312.2 VHS Pullout Cases with Tapes
313.2 Boxes VHS Tapes
314.Lg. Box VHS Tapes
315.Vintage Harvester Man's Wrist Watch, Swiss Made Time Piece, Runs
316.Seiko Futurewrist ladies' goldtone watch has a rectangular dial accented with 4 genuine diamonds in the bezel. The mother-of-pearl face has goldtone hands and delicate markers. The bracelet fits up to a 7" wrist. Quartz movement. 3 yr LMW. Model #: SZZA82
317.Mens ID Bracelets: 1 Elco Sterling (CHW Engraved), 1 Lightweight Aluminum, Expandable Watch Band with CW Initial Side Pieces
318.4 Vintage Lighters: Lord Chesterfield, Bentley Austrian, Kent, 1 Unmarked
319.(4) Vintage Cuff Links & Tie Pin Sets: Silver & Blue Hand Polished, Silver Tone Modern, Scallop Shell Gold Tone, Gold Tone with Etched Pearlescent Design
320.(4) Vintage Cuff Link & Tie Pin Sets: Mother of Pearl & Diamond Chip in Gold Tone Setting, Mother of Pearl Gold Tone, Gold Tone with Diamond Pattern, Gold Tone Geometric Design
321.(4) Vintage Cuff Links and Tie Pin Sets: Gray & Silver Tone, Gold Tone Set, Pearl & Silver Tone Set, Silver Tone with Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
322.Vintage Original Boxed Set, Cuff Links & Tie Pin: Polished Striated Stone
323.Spanish Toledo Ware Jewelry Gold Cuff Links, Round, Dragon Design
324.Pr. of Gold Tone Cuff Links, (2) Gold Tone Crest Design Tie Bar, Gold Tie Collar Bar
325.Foreign Coins: Ghana, Netherlands, Phillipines, France, England (Most 1960s and 1970s.
326.U.S. WWII Sharp Shooter Medal with Bars (Rifle, Carbine, Hand Grenade, Rifle Grenade, Machine Gun), Army Air Corps Bracelet with Chas. H. Wagner, Langley Field, VA, State of Pennsylvania Lapel Pin, Smashed Penny with "Our Father" prayer engraved
327.Vintage Flashlight and Pocket Lighter in Box with Manual, Small Vintage Pocket Notepad/Pencil, Metal Painted Santa, Small Buckle, Small Nelco Royce NY Charms, Most Improved Average Key Chains
328.1909 Money Clip: Back reads United States of America, Front reads Filipinas, One Peso
329.Vintage Chinese Snuff Bottle, Gold Leaf Paint is Worn, Spoon is Wood, Marked on the Bottom, 2.5"T x 2 1/4"W, 1"D
330.Brass Incense Burner, 1 3/4"T x 1.5"W
331.Man's Ring: 10K Gold Filled, Clear Stone with Side Stones (1 small stone missing)
332.Man's Sterling Ring with Solitaire Clear Stone
333.Mens sterling silver/hematite intiglio Roman soldier ring
334.African Mask, Has Been Repaired, 30" x 12" x 10"
335.Hand Loomed Tribal Wall Hanging, 43" x 10"
336.Vintage Wilson Famous Player Tennis Set in Original Box. Racquet, Unopened Balls, Cover and Press
337.Vintage Head Master Series Vilas Tennis Racquet with Cover W191745
338.Vintage Wilson Stan Smith Capri Tennis Racquet with Press
339.Rod Laver "The Championship Play" Tennis Racquet, Chemold #9687947, Bamboo Ash Frame, Fibre Welded Throat
340.Vintage Wilson "Jimmy Connors" Professional Champ Tennis Racquet, 14 5/8"
341.Spalding Pancho Gonzalez Signature White Ash Tennis Racquet, Mfg. by AG Spalding Bros., Belgium
342.Vintage Wilson Victory Mary Hardwick Dunlap Tennis Racquet with Scotch Plaid Cover and Press
343.Vintage Spalding "Poncho Gonzales Autograph" White Ash Tennis Racquet
344.Vintage Spalding Pancho Gonzales Prize Cup, Custom Designed for Championship Play
345.Vintage Wilson Tennis Racquet, The Jack Cramer Autograph, Endorsed by Jack Cramer, Championship Play
346.Vintage Wilson Tennis Racquet, The Jack Cramer Autograph, Endorsed by Jack Cramer, Championship Play
349.Vintage Spalding of Belgium Tennis Raquet, Pancho Gonzales Signature Series Tennis Racquet
350.Vintage Regent Don Budget Contender Tournament Model Tennis Racquet, Permalast Construction
351.Vintage Wilson Nancy Richey Triumph Tennis Racquet, Strata Bow, Speed Flex Fibreface
352.Vintage Rod Laver Wimbledon, Winning is Easy with Chemold, Tennis Racquet
353.Vintage Chemold Rod Laver Wimbledon Professional Model, #807018 Tennis Racquet
354.Vintage Rod Laver Sovereign #807085, Winning is Easy with Chemold
355.Vintage Rod Laver Elite, #807046, M 4 5/8, Tennis Racquet
356.Vintage Rod Laver Elite, #807046, M 4 1/2" Tennis Racquet
357.Vintage Donnay Bjorn Borg, International Tennis Team Light 5, Made in Belgium
358.Vintage Finalist Don Budge M Regent Tennis Racquet
359.Vintage Chemold Roy Emmerson Tennis Racquet
360.Vintage Wilson Jimmy Connors Champ Tennis Racquet
361.Wilson SPS Enforcer Mid Plus Frame Tennis Racquet
362.Prince 107" Oversize Long Body, Titanium Alloy, Synergy Series Tennis Racquet
363.Wilson Even Balance 5.7 Pro Staff Tennis Racquet
364.Prince Tennis Racquet, More Power 1500 S*OS
365.Prince Tennis Racquet, More Power 1500 S*OS
366.Prince Tennis Racquet, More Power 1500 S*OS
367.Head Intelligence Tennis Racquet with Case
368.(2) Racquets: 1-Pro Kenner Jr, 1-Forte Mid 35 (bent frame)
369.2 Tempered Steel Racquets: 1-60-23650, 1-438L
370.Wilson Hyper Hammer Carbon 4 3/8 HS 3 with Case
371.Prince Blackburne DS 107 Super Mid 2 Sided Strings with Case
372.Head Metal Frame Tennis Racquet with Case
373.Wilson Profile Tennis Racquet with Case, 1 1/4"LT 4664380
374.The Ray Graphite Pro with Spalding Case, M5 4 5/8
375.Metal Frame Tennis Racquet 4 3/*L with
376.(3) Tennis Racquet Cases
377.Wilson Tennis Racquet Case, Double Sided, Zippered with 2 cans of balls
378.Gamma Multi Racquet Carry Bag, Zipper Needs Oiling
379.Klippermate USA Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine
380.Tennis Stringing Machine
381.Box of Tools: 9 Dies, Pipe Cutter, Oil, Wrenches, Metal Cutter, Level, Allen Wrench Set, Square, Chisel, Solder Gun
382.Box Asst. Utensils, Spatulas, Steak Knives, Wooden Spoons, Etc.
383.Box of Utensils: Knives, Spatulas, Etc.
384.Box with: Stud Finder, GE AM/FM, Trout Ashtray, Finger Pulse Oximeter, Pen Jar, Binoculars
385.Coleman Charger 1 Rechargeable, Noman Lights ON/OFF, Hand Held Utility Light
386.Vintage Elmo Projector with Case, 8mm Editor
387.Clarion AM/FM Cassette PN9403H
388.6 Bibles: 1- dated Oct 13 1881, 1-dated June 8 1919, +4 others
389.3 Boxes: Collectors Works Books 1950-1960 Various Renowned Authors
390.The Illustrated Home Library 22 Guild Edition, 1957
391.(7) 1957-1963 Viet-Nam Manpower Books
392.(11) Best Known Works, 1942: Tolstoy, Hugo, Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, Carlisle, Emerson, Etc.
393.11 Good Old Books: Various Authors: 1972-1944, 1954
394.Box of 18 Books: 1940s - 1960s: Various Writers
395.Box of Books: 1950-1971
396.Box of 4 Books: DaVinci
397.Box with 8 Books: 1950s, Business, Geology
398.Box of 15 Books: Various Countries
399.Box with 9 Books: 1950s - 1960s: Africa & Middle East
400.Box of 6 Books: 1970 Accounting, 1947 Book of Runes, Florida Pacific Northern
401.Box with 20 Cookbooks
402.2 Boxes Asst. Books
403.4 Boxes of Paperbacks
404.Box of Books: 8 Novels
405.Box of Books: 1950s
406.Box of Books: 1940, 1950, 1960
407.Box of Books: 1940-1970
408.Box of Books: Asian Drama Series 1-3, Viet Nam 1960-1970
409.Box of Books: 1970 H G Wells & Viet Nam
410.Box of Books: Some Cookbooks
411.Box of Books: Dog Training
412.Box of Books: Poker: Brunson, Helmuth, Skylanski
413.Box of Books: Southern Living Cookbook Set
414.Box of Books: Old Books, (1) 1903 (1) 1915 (1) 1868?
415.Box of 5 Assorted Books
416.Box of Sports Magazines
417.Box Lot: Folders, Notebooks, Paper, Tablet
418.Lexmark 3200 Printer
419.Padded Stool with Footrest
421.Lateral File Cabinet with Door, Small
423.(2) 2-Drawer Letter Size File Cabinets with Brown Desktop
424.Large Vacuum Seal Storage Bags, 24 set, #2464, (For quilts/blankets etc)
425.Vintage Table Lamp
426.2 Boxes of Maps from Cities all Over (on shelf)
427.Shelf of Self Help Books
428.Shelf of Self Help Books
429.Shelf of Books: Spanish, French, Course Guides
430.Shelf of Books: Probate and Real Estate Law Books
431.Cassette Tapes on Real Estate/Masters Listing System
432.Shelf of Assorted Books
433.Shelf of Books: Hunting and Shooting
434.Shelf of Tennis Books
435.Shelf of Fishing Books
436.Shelf with Hunting Books
437.Box of Assorted: Hunting, Fishing, Outdoor Sports
438.31 Bowling Trophies
439.3 Boxes: Florida Sportsman Magazines
440.3 Boxes Assorted Florida Wildlife, Modern Maturity, Fishing
441.3 Boxes Hunting Wildlife Magazines
442.Box: Consumer Reports Magazines
443.Box of Baseball Cards and Football Cards, Good Sets
444.Assorted Baseball and Football Cards and Sets, Lotta Pack
445.Baseball and Football Cards, Good Sets, Lotta Packs
446.Baseball and Football Cards, Good Sets, Lotta Pack
447.Baseball and Football Cards, Good Sets, Lotta Packs
448.Collector Cards, Some Signed
449.2 Small Boxes of Sports Trading Cards
450.(8) Butterfly Display (1 with broken glass)
451.3 Queen Comforters
452.Vintage Argus 300 Slide Projector with Case
453.Lonestar SingALong System Mod K-1, Programmable Music Search System, Recording Box with Equalizer
454.Box of Draperies
455.Huntwick Screen Arbor 13' x 10' x 104"
456.Talking Teach AM/FM Alarm, Wireless Base Station, Football/Basketball Game with Box of Wire
457.Cosmic Commander Power Arcade, Sony Walkman Recorder, Wire
458.2 Video Computer System, Pong Sports IV, Remote Cards, Gaming Sticks
459.Box of Toys
460.Box of Childrens Books
461.Box of Children's Classic Books
464.African Hand Carved Wooden Bench/Seat, 14" x 19" x 9.5"
465.Miniature Hand Carved Wooden Bench 3.5" x 4" x 1.5", African Wooden Jar 4.5" x 5"
466.Vintage Hot Wheels Cars
467.Box with 2 Seat Pads, Brown Cleaning Caddy, Empty Cases
468.Drill Bit Set, Wrenches, Pipe Wrench, Lights, Yard Sticks, Screwdriver Set, Hand Drill Bit, Brush
469.5-Shelf Storage Shelving
470.Box with Pool Table Chalk and 3 Brushes
471.Box with Shower Massage, Shower Head, Brush Pack, Etc.
472.4 Speed GE Food Processor
473.Box of Cuticle Tools
474.Box Asst. Wire, Plugs, Cord
475.Ceiling Fan Light Kit, 3 Bulb
476.Box: lead weights and 4 rod racks
477.Box: 2 Phones, Walking Boot, Tape Rewind, Tin First Aid Box (empty), Scale
478.2 Boxes Magazines: Better Homes And Outdoors
479.Bug Cover, Small Shelf, Cup Holder, 3 Disc Mini Album
480.1/2 Box of Clear Plastic Bags, 16"
481.Cassette Case with Box of Cassettes
482.Proctor Silex 7 Speed Blender
483.3 Puncture Seal Cans, Immersion Heater, Air Filter, 2 Oil Filter, 2 Magic Hangers, Camo Compact
484.Betamax Beta Scan SL5400
487.G E R M A N wood craft design 9"H
488.2 Stacks Plastic Organizer Baskets
489.(2) 100 count File Folders, 1/3 cut tabs, 1 box open
490.Vintage Folding Magazine Rack, Burlap Roll, Fabric, Framed Inspirational Message, Bags
491.Queen Size Leopard Print Blanket
492.Water Pic & Dental White Teeth Whitening Kit
493.Sears Craftsman Router 315.17480, Stanley Miter Box, Timer, Grill Brushes, Sm. Electric Motor
494.3 Bulb Fan Light Kit, 220-M Grinding Wheel, Floppy Disc Mailer, Box with Bottle Cutter
495.Tools, Pliers, Cutting Pliers, Wire Stripper, Nozzle, Magnifying Glass, Craftsman Cutting Tool
496.X-Acto Trim Kit, Berlin TUV Foot Pumps
498.Tool Kit, 9 Electric Tape Rolls, Masking Tape, Dome Lights, Scotch Tape, Dust Masks
499.Bowling Gloves: 2 Small, 1 Medium, Braces
500.Glue gun, Paint Brushes, Artist Paint Supplies
501.Vintage Aluminum Tackle Box full of Lures,Worms,Tackle, 20x11x9
502.Magnum by Plano 2-Sided Tackle Box Full of Tackle
503.Super Magnum by Plano Fold Out Table with Some Lures
504.Tackle Boxes, 1 with Lead Weights, Ling Lures, 1 with Worms/Eels
505.Tackle Box with Lures, Hooks, Line, Knife, Weights
506.(7) Bins Asst. Fly Fishing Lures, Tackle, Materials
507.Drill Bits, Sand Paper, 2 Drill Sets in Cases
508.2 Boxes Treble Hooks, 3 Eagle Claw Boxes of Hooks, Lead Weights, 5 Lures in Cases, 2 Rolls Fly Fishing Line
509.2 Boxes with Fishing Line, Lures, Hooks
510.3 New Mustard Crab Traps, Fish Bag
511.Lure Molds
512.Worms, Jitter Bugs, Frogs, Asst. Lures
513.6 Cases Fly Fishing Lures, Shad and Hooks
514.Float Marker, 4 Chummys, 2 Boxes Asst. Fishing Gear
515.6 New Clean Strike Bowling Towels
516.9 Bobbers, #10 Hooks, 4 Boxes Full of Asst. Size Hooks
517.2 Boxes Asst Wire Brushes, Magnifying Lens, Corks, Tools, Assorted: Some Vintage
518.Box Plastic Lure Making Supplies
519.Lures in Tubes, Box Pork Rinds, Bobbers, Ling Lures, Gaff, Wire Cutter
520.300 CR-10 Corks, 3 Bags Seaweed
521.Box with Cabinet Hardware, Cup Hooks, Springs, Soldapullit Gun, Sunglassse
522.6 Fly Fishing Lure Cases with Lures
523.6 Bins of Fly Making Supplies, Yarn, Balsa Dowels, Feathers, Etc.
524.Assorted Lures, Hooks, Fly Line, Surf Rod Holders
525.Can of Lead Treble Hooks, Leader Line Spools, Lure Protectors, Fishing Line, Bobbers, Supplies
526.2 Pocket Gaffs, Lures Can Caps, Melting Pots for Making Lures, Box Wonder Polish, Knife, Worms
527.Large Magnifying Glass, Lure Material, 3 Blades, Index Case, Alum. Bench Cutter
528.2 Fishing Vests, Igloo Canteen
529.3 Pack Paint Brushes, Lure Material, Can Sealant, Hooks, Weights
530.6-Drawer Bin with Fishing Supplies, Rod Repair Parts/Pieces
531.6-Drawer Bin with Fishing Supplies, Rod Repair Parts/Pieces
532.2 Compartment Bins with Assorted Weights, Swivels, Nuts, Bolts
533.(3) Compartment Bins: Fishing Tackle, Lures, Lead
534.Eagle Claw Trailmaster VM8TM 5 Way Combo Rod B6J In Case
535.Rod Parts, 28 Pcs. Grips, Pole
536.5 Packs Super Caps, Leather Straps, 4 Spool Cases
537.Penn #85 Reel, 30-85
538.Kmart 303 Reel, #4730
539.Shimano GX100 Reel
540.Shimano GX100 Reel
541.Pflueger Silver Medalist 1526 Reel
542.2 Diawa 1300C Reels with Book
543.Vintage Fly Reel USA
544.Rod Handles, Gaff, Reel with Asst. Parts
545.Shakespeare Wonder Cast Reel with Book
546.Box: Lures, Worms, Fish Hints
547.4 Piece Rod Kit with Tube
548.4 Micro Master Controller New, Rechargeable Battery Pack, Fish Mitt, The Point Maker Power Source, Mouse, GE Spacemaker Clock/Alarm
549.3 Tubes T-Balls, Basketball Net, Racquetball Gloves (2)
550.Pool Cue Rack, 6 Hole
551.Bow w/Shoe Polish, Brushes
552.Box: Wood Beads, Ebony/Ivory/Grey Colors
553.(30) Asst. Project Fishing Poles, Most with Guides, TBI, Rack Included, Hamasks
554.27 Assorted Fishing Poles, Most with Guides, TBI, Sportfisher, Lamiglas, Louis Figis
555.X-Acto in Case, Hex Key Wrench Set, Clamps, Screwdriver Set
557.Vintage Quick Splice 8mm Editor
558.8 pcs. Bedding Sheets, Blankets, Queen and Double
559.Wood Desk/Bench: 60" x 32" x 24"
560.7 Asst. Fishing Poles on Wall, Includes Rack
561.8 Assorted Fishing Poles
562.6 Assorted Fishing Poles, Bottoms Rods, Includes Rack
563.6 Asst. Fishing Poles, Bottom Rods
564.5 Assorted Fishing Poles, Includes Wall Rack
565.6 Assorted Fishing Poles, Includes Wall Rack
566.Daiwa 7000C Reel with Bottom Half of Pole
567.Cardinal Reel and Pole, 853GTX
568.Ambassador Mag 1 Plus Garcia Rod and Reel
569.Fin Noir Finite 203, 1/2 Rod/Reel
570.Shimano Rod and Reel
571.Pflueger Silver Medalist 1526 Reel
572.2 African Ivory Coast Baskets 20x12, 1 Woven Basket
573.2 African Ivory Coast Baskets, 20 x 12, 1 Woven Basket
574.2 African Ivory Coast Baskets 20x12, 1 Woven Basket
575.African Ivory Coast Hand Woven Tote, 17 x 12
576.Hand Woven Rug,Navajo Pattern, 108" x 51"
577.African Ivory Coast Hand Woven Poncho
578.Box: Children's Books, Star Wars, Call of the Wild, Robin Hood, etc.
579.Box: Nintendo Game Magazines (No photo. See #580. Similar with different magazines.)
580.Box: Nintendo Game Magazines
581.African Animal Fur, 48" x 27"
582.African Animal Fur, 48" x 27"
584.Box of Asst. Games and Gamer Games
585.Albunas Wave/Belly Board
586.(2) 5000 Pc Puzzle, Sorry Game, Convect Four
587.Comic Books: 6 Batman, 1 X-Men, Hulk, Dinosaur Hunter
588.200 in 1 Electronic Project Lab, in box
589.Visit Mole National Park, Ghana, 24 x 17 Poster, Unframed
590.Visit Mole National Park, Ghana, 24 x 17 Poster, Unframed
591.Visit Mole National Park, Ghana, 24 x 17 Poster, Unframed
592.Visit Mole National Park, Ghana, 24 x 17 Poster, Unframed
593.Visit Mole National Park, Ghana, 24 x 17 Poster, Unframed
594.Visit Mole National Park, Ghana, 24 x 17 Poster, Unframed
595.Visit Mole National Park, Ghana, 24 x 17 Poster, Unframed
596.Visit Mole National Park, Ghana, 24 x 17 Poster, Unframed
597.Visit Mole National Park, Ghana, 24 x 17 Poster, Unframed
598.African Poster: Be Warned Wholly Protected Species, 24x17
599.African Poster: Be Warned Wholly Protected Species, 24x17
600.Hangouts Hammock, The Most Comfortable Made, with Manual
601.Vintage Lorus Clock, Meyers Famous Infrared Massager, Dice, Wrist Watch, Candle Holder
602.Knife Sharpener, Filet Knife with Sheath, Pocket Knife, 2 Empthy Sheaths, Folding Knife
603.2 Pocket Calculators, Scissors, 6 Mother of Pearl Plates, Perfurme, Glasses, 2 Shells
604.32-Piece Chess Board with Case
605.Duck Basket, Rod Rack, Snorkel, Camper All in One Utensil, Panasonic Battery Charger
606.Aulos Flute, 13"
607.Box: Coffee Cups and Bowls
608.Frames, Toy Gun, Football, Stuffed Animals
609.Box of Children's Books
610.2 VHS Recorders, JVC and Daewoo
611.Box: Children's Toys
612.Empty Transformer Collector Case
613.Box: Computer Accessories: Cords, Speakers, Mice, Microphone
614.Box of Cassette Tapes and Plastic Covers
615.New Army Model 1858 44 Cal. Italian Replica Revolver, Stock #EA1020, S/N: 109104. (Box Shows Flask, Bullet Mold & Nipple Wrench. Not Found)
616.1938 Gesichert German Luger, 9MM, Black Walnut Grip, All Numbers Match on All Parts. With Original Leather Holster. Note: Clip Number Does Not Match.

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