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Item Description
1.Commercial Size Barbecue Grill on Trailer, approx. 16' with trailer, lighted trailer with spare tire
2.Artist Signed Glazed Pottery Vase, 2001, Artist Grafton 18"H
3.Vintage Japanese Porcelain Geisha Doll w/Stand, Authentic Robes, 24"H
4.Vintage Japanese Porcelain Geisha Doll w/Stand, Authentic Robes, 14"H
5.Fitz & Floyd Classics, Huntington Pattern, 8"H, Handled Footed Bowl (small small chip on handle)
6.8"H Vase, Blue and White Pattern with Flowers
7.Casserole, 10"x12", Cheese Dome with Under Plate 8"W, Hand Made in Poland, JS-21 LLMKAT-82
8.Vintage Philco Cabinet Radio, Missing one Knob & Part of Radio Dial Bar, 26" x 37" x 11"
9.Maple Quilt Stand
10.Vintage Gate Leg Drop Leaf Dining Table w/Insert (stored under top) to Seat 8, 36"x30"x22" at smallet configuration
11.Bakers Rack, Metal with Brass Accents, Ventilated Shelves with Plexiglass Shelves
12.(3) AntiqueWooden Dining Chairs, Queen Anne Legs, Upholstered Seats
13.(4) Vintage Oak School Desk Chairs
14.Mid-Century Modern Raddock Venetia Dining Chairs (2) Paisley (2) Striped
15.Large Pottery Bowl with Scented Pine Cones, 17"W x 7"H
16.(4) Pcs.: Clipper Ship with Shell Sails, Clam Shell w/Lighthouse, Scallop Shell Decorative Box, Crown Royal bottle of Shells
17.9"H Pitcher, Strasbourg Flowers, Portugal (Marked Tiffany & Co. on bottom)
18.Trio of Wide Mouth Vases, Rubuy Red with Clear Bases, (2) 12"H (1) 10"H
19.Pottery Contemplation Fountain with Rocks, 8"H
20.Ruby Red Vases: (1) 8"H with Ribbon Edge & Clear Base,(1) 6"H
21.(5) Ruby Red Votives
22.Brass & Scalloped Frosted Glass, 3-Bulb Flush Mount Light Fixture
23.Classic Tidings 9" Lidded Cookie Jar
24.(2) Milk Glass Hobnail Vintage Lanterns (1) 13"H, (1) Base only
25.Brass & Crystal Table Lamp, 10"H
26.Table Lamp, Red Shade, Beaded Column, w/Finial 32"H
27.Ginger Jar Lamp, 27"H with Shade and Finial
28.Heavy Brass Table Lamp, 27"H with Shade and Finial
29.Brass Tone Table Lamp, 32"H with Shade and Finial
30.Corinithian Column Design Lamp, 25"H
31.Kingsberry Home Bed Headboard Lamp
32.(2) Heavy Metal Candle Stands, 45"H x 35"H
33.Vintage Candle Stand, 3-Leg Base, 20"H
34.Asian Embroidered Silk, Framed, 19"x19"
35.Asian Embroidered Silk, Framed, 19"x19"
36.Phillip Gray Signed Print with Certificate of Authenticity, "The Lord of Our Forefathers", 12" x 21"
37."Roses Glory" Framed Print, 21" x 28"
38.Framed Mother of Pearl, Shells, Stones, Jade: Japanese Birds in Trees, 28" x 16"
39.Framed Print of Geese Strolling, 38" x 32"
40.Framed Print of Heart and Roses, Joy Aldridge, 34" x 20", 351/2900, Signed
41.Framed Print, Rotunda Café, no glass, 26" x 32"
42.Framed Print of English Tudor, 32" x 26" (plexiglass front)
43.Framed Print, First Love, 18" x 16"
44.Framed Oil, Signed by A Tramy, Yellow Still Life, 18" x 20"
45.Framed Print, "Cooking French", 14" x 12"
46.Framed Oil, Marie Charlotte, "Girls First Beach Day", 14" x 16", Ornate Frame, 101745
47.Framed Print, "Garden Wall" Signed by Burton Dye, 1990, 62/1900, 21" x 18"
48.Framed Print, Arco di Druso, 29" x 25"
49.Framed Ansel Adams Print, "The American Wilderness" 34" x 26"
50.Framed Print, Angels from High, 31" x 25"
51.Framed Print, Signed D Malone, "Big Horned Ram", 1988, 74/650
52.Framed Print, "Window View" by J. Bagnoto, 381/750, Signed, 44" x 36"
53.Framed Print, "Sudden Romance" by J. Bagnoto, 382/750, Signed, 44" x 36"
54.Framed Oil, "Gardens Glow", Signed, Koaislen Have, 56" x 32"
55.Full Size Sofa, Floral Upholstery, 4 Pillows
56.Vintage Dressing Bench, Queen Anne Maple Legs, 48"L x 22"H x 18"D
57.Queen Anne Leg Gold Upholstered Wing Back Chair
58.Fern Pattern Upholstered Easy Chair, Cabriole Legs
59.Fern Pattern Upholstered Easy Chair, Cabriole Legs
60.Electric Blanket with Controls (Clear Storage Bag) Not New
61.Howard Miller Wall Clock, Mod. 62-435, 136 Key Wind, Has King, Needs Pendulum
62.Delonghi Radiant Heater, Mod. EW7507EBL, 27"H x 16"D
63.Delonghi Radiant Heater, Mod. EW7507EBL, 27"H x 16"D
64.Framed Print Signed by Patsy Pennington, Stacked Teacups, 16"w x 40"H
65.Framed Print, Gloria Eriksen, "White Flowers" 20" x 30"
66.Framed Print, Church in the Hills, 18" x 20"
67.Framed Oil, Signed by Tom Campbell, 12" x 16", Courtyard Flowers
68.(2) Framed Prints: Italian Courtyard and Seaside Italian Village
69.Framed Cosecha "Village Life"
70.Fabric Wall Hanging, Hand Painted Peacock
71.1926 Gura Gaquil, "Casa de las Columnas", 13" x 11"
72.1925 Gura Gaquil, "Portal de la Morau", 13" x 11"
73.Framed Oil, J. P. McMullen, Still Life, 20" x 24"
74.Unframed Oil, Man Reading by Candlelight, 20" x 24"
75.Gia & Gibbs by Margie Bishop Elmer, 2000
76.Hand Painted Cutout Angel Fish, 14" Diameter
77.Oil on Canvas, Seaside Lighthouse, 36" x 48"
78.Framed Cutout Parakeet on Flower, 14" x 14"
79.Framed Print, "Love Letters", 19" x 15"
80.Framed Print, Signed by Alollettel, "Cathedral of the Amines"
81.1912 Womens Home Companion page, 12" x 16"
82.Print: "At the Cottage Door", 18x14"
83.U. S. Naval Academy, Anapolis MD, Class of 1952, June 6, Graduation Photo, 20" x 10"
84.USS Lewis De-535 1954, March 31, Photo, 25" x 10" (slight tear middle right)
85.Asian Stork, 13" x 13"
86.Asian Stork, 13" x 13"
87.Ducks and Cherry Blossoms, 13" x 13"
88.2 Framed Prints: "Find a Friend" Poem, Arch de Triomphe
89.Molded Frames (2) 34" x 24"
90.Frames, 1 no glass, 21" x 25" x 24" x 20"
91.Framed Mirror, 30" x 20"
92.Framed Wooden Mirror, Beveled Edge, 34" x 22"
93.House Leveling Jacks, Concrete, 12" Base, Adjustable Steel Bolts (concrete base not included)
94.House Leveling Jacks, Concrete, 12" Base, Adjustable Steel Bolts (concrete base not included)
95.House Leveling Jacks, Concrete, 12" Base, Adjustable Steel Bolts (concrete base not included)
96.House Leveling Jacks, Concrete, 12" Base, Adjustable Steel Bolts (concrete base not included)
97.House Leveling Jacks, Concrete, 12" Base, Adjustable Steel Bolts (concrete base not included)
98.House Leveling Jacks, Concrete, 12" Base, Adjustable Steel Bolts (concrete base not included)
99.House Leveling Jacks, Concrete, 9" Base, Adjustable Steel Bolts (concrete base not included)
100.House Leveling Jacks, Concrete, 9" Base, Adjustable Steel Bolts (concrete base not included)
101.House Leveling Jacks, Concrete, 9" Base, Adjustable Steel Bolts (concrete base not included)
102.House Leveling Jacks, Concrete, 9" Base, Adjustable Steel Bolts (concrete base not included)
103.House Leveling Jacks, Concrete, 9" Base, Adjustable Steel Bolts (concrete base not included)
104.House Leveling Jacks, Concrete, 9" Base, Adjustable Steel Bolts (concrete base not included)
105.House Leveling Jacks, Concrete, 9" Base, Adjustable Steel Bolts (concrete base not included)
106.House Leveling Jacks, Concrete, 9" Base, Adjustable Steel Bolts (concrete base not included)
107.House Leveling Jacks, Concrete, 9" Base, Adjustable Steel Bolts (concrete base not included)
108.Concrete Jack Base 15-3/4" x 15-1/2" x 3-1/2"
109.Concrete Jack Base 15-3/4" x 15-1/2" x 3-1/2"
110.Concrete Jack Base 15-3/4" x 15-1/2" x 3-1/2"
111.Concrete Jack Base 15-3/4" x 15-1/2" x 3-1/2"
112.Concrete Jack Base 15-3/4" x 15-1/2" x 3-1/2"
113.Concrete Jack Base 15-3/4" x 15-1/2" x 3-1/2"
114.Concrete Jack Base 15-3/4" x 15-1/2" x 3-1/2"
115.Concrete Jack Base 15-3/4" x 15-1/2" x 3-1/2"
116.Concrete Jack Base 15-3/4" x 15-1/2" x 3-1/2"
117.Interior Solid Wood Door, 12 Pane, Natural Finish, 32" x 80"
118.Interior Solid Wood Door, Cathedral Arch, Natural Finish, Raised 2-Panel, 32" x 80"
119.Masonite Pre-Hung Interior Door, Bellagio Palazzo Mod. 18" x 80"
120.Jeldwen Pre-Hung 2-Panel Interior Door, 24" x 80
121.Large Terracotta Planter, 23" x 26
122.4 Assorted Pots and Planters, Tallest is 23"
123.Molded Resin Decorative Bird Bath, 34"H
124.(2) 19"x12" Christmas Dolls in Angelic Robes
125.Bakers Rack, Metal and Wood, 2-Drawer, 4 Shelf, 80" x 31" x 19
126.Nativity Figures: 3 Wise Men, Jesus/Mary/Joseph, 16"H, Molded Resin by Raz Imports
127.(2) Jesus/Mary/Joseph 20"H, Angel with Shell Wings by Neiman Marcus
128.Woodlands Elegance Reindeer with 6 Tea Light Antlers
129.Crystal Candle Holder with Base
130.Heavy Frise Twist Rug, 84" x 64"
131.Runner with Tassels, 92" x 27"
132.Woven Bakset with Silver Plate Top and Bottom, Footed
133.25 Pc. Flatware with Organizer Tray(s)
134.Wooden Cabinet, 30" x 21" x 17", 1 Door, 1 Drawer
135.Pine Wood Flip Top Chest on Casters, 27" x 28" x 27"
136.13 Assorted Garden and Décor Books
137.21 Books and Magazines: Beatles, El Escorial, Decorative, Garden, Titanic
138.13 Clear 8" Poinsettia Design Plates
139.Crystal 8-1/2" Stemmed Wine Glasses (8)
140.(11) Etched Crystal Clipper Stemmed Glasses, 5-1/2"H
141.Martini Pitcher, Stirrer, 4 Matching Glasses (Ducks in Flight)
142.Pr. Etched Glass Candle Stands, 4"H
143.(4) Assorted Crystal and Glass Candle Stands & Epergne without Base
144.Assorted (5 Pcs.) Pressed Glassed: Vases, Candy, Divided Serving
145.10 Asst. Pieces: Etched Martini Pitcher w/Stirrer, Champagne, Lidded Jar, Light Cover, 3 Sm. Jars
146.Coca Cola Glass Bathtub and Under Plate
147.(6) Hand Painted 3"H Port Glasses, Ship Design
148.Assorted Candle Holders, Toothpick, Parfait, Santa Votives, Candy (9 Pcs.)
149.4 Pcs. Eamon Irish Coffee Etched Mugs, 6"H
150.4 Pcs.: Tea Pitchers: Royal Suhl, Hall Superior, (2) unmarked (2) missing lids
151.Rooster Cream, Sugar, Napkin
152.6 Asst. Creamers/Pitchers
153.(3) Thomas Kincaid Heirloom Porcelain, #87891B with Lighthouse Handle, "A Light in the Storm"
154.Modern Glass Vase, Black
155.Metal 10" 3-Leg Stand
156.3 Pcs.: Brass Candle Stand, Copper Footed Vase, Brass Lidded Potpourri Jar
157.10 Pcs.: Gold Rimmed 3" Shot Glasses, red, green, purple, blue
158.Salt, Pepper, Plate, Serving Plate (4 Pcs.)
159.(2) Rooster Mixing Bowls, Sakura, Hand Painted, 10" and 8"
160.(2) Nopsk Eggersund Vases, 9"
161.(2) Botanists Plant Presses for Flowers and Leaves
162.Mirror Dresser Tray, Crystal Paper Weight, Crystal 1-1/2"Fish
163.3 Qt. 12" Bowl, #224
164.(5) Asst. Fruit Design Plates
165.8 Pcs.: Pfaltzgraff Plates
166.Lenox Ltd. Edition Boehm Birds, Gold Finch, 1971, with Certificate and Box
167.(2) Obernai Faienceries, France, 8" Plate
168.Asst. Bowls and Plates (5)
169.Glass Block 8"x6", Rectangular 8"x8" Glass Vase
170.8 Pcs.: Japanese Tea Strainer Cups, Blue Rice Bowl
171.2 Pc.: Blue Sky Design Angel with Candle, Hearts & Roses Decorative Tea Pot, 9"
172.4 Pcs.: Sakura Mixing Bowl, Candle, Martini, Bowl
173.3 Asst. Frames, Coca Cola, Hand Painted
174.Lady Liberty, Pr. Wall Pockets, Sheep, Birdhouse
175.7" Glass Tile Vase
176.2 Italian Vases, 1 handpainted
177.10" Wooden Asian Figure
178.Balik Songbird Vase, 2007, 10" with Lidded Sugar Dish
179.4 Assorted Baskets
180.30 Pcs. Antique Brass Door Knobs and Door Hardware
181.Assorted Baskets (5)
182.Brass with Wood Handles, Siam: Fork, Knives, Spoon,Pick
183.4 Pcs.: Cobalt Bottle, Beaded Metal Lamp Shade, Beam Collector Bottle, Hand Painted Vase
184.9 Pcs.: Fitz & Floyd Plate w/Stand, Blue Sky Chest, Cup w/Lid/Spoon, Santa Plate, Easter Set, Small Girl
185.Brass Wall Sconces (2)
186.(5) Pcs.: Metal Art Pitcher, Bear, Frog Candle etc.
187.13 Pcs.: 4 Bowls, Baby Shoes, Angel, Bride, Jiggers, Vase
188.Asian Finger Bowls, Tray, Japanese Vase (8 Pcs.)
189.Stuart Momento Crystal Mother's/Father's Pride & Joy, 2 Acrylic Cubes, Crystal Ashtray, Mirror
190.Assorted Small Knick Knacks and Decorative Items (21 Pieces)
191.9 Pcs.: Casseroles, Serving Platter, Nut/Candy Bowls, Green Plastic Scallop Dish
192.8 Silver Rim Clear Candle Drip Plates
193.Homelite 26 CS Gas Weed Eater, (3) 2x6x4, (2)Brooms, Log Splitter, Hoe, Dust Pan
194.25 ' Extension Cord with Plugs every 8' (3 hookups)
195.Air Deck Locking Safety Handrail and Slotted Platform for Ladders
196.Little Giant Work Platform, Mod. 10104
197.Asst. Lids: Vintage Blue Bear Jar Top, Chicken Lid, assorted lids (8 pcs.)
198.Berli Mexican Child's Sombrero
199.Syrai Black & Gold 32 x 23 (Middle Eastern, did not translate)
200.6-Hole Votive, 3 Door Wreath Hooks
201.Hand Carved Wall Plaque, Wooden Lidded Box, Old Bottle, Etc.
202.Decorative Boxes, Corn Strippers, Small Lamp Shade
203.Reutter Porzellan Child's Tea Set with Table
204.Floppy Staw Hat, 2 Hand Painted Oyster Shells, Uncle Mose Doll, Doll with Stand
205.Aliton Emergency Windup Flashlight Radio Rescue Siren
206.Pleatco Pure #PLB575 Replacement Filter Cartridge
207.Books: 1971 Civil War Navy Chronology 1861-1865, 1959 The Blue Jackets (inside cover signed by shipmates of Black/White Photo), DVD of Tang Dynasty, DVD Garden's World
208.1962 & 1969 Anchorage newspapers: Glenn Does It, Man Walks on the Moon, Harpers Weekly January 3, 1874, The Liberator, The Log Feb. 17 1956
209.Assorted Vintage Postcards: Many written on the back
210.Vintage Custom Car and Hot Rod Cards, Specs on Back of Cards
211.Sports Trading Cards: Bjorn Borg, Don Budge, Martina Navratilova, Paavo Nurmi, Taiho
212.Christopher Radko, Brave Heart Bear Pin in Box
213.Honora Collection Sterling Bead Rings, 9 Total
214.Shell Bracelets, 6
215.Gold Tone Bracelet with Green Stones, in Box, China
216.Antique Pewter and Brass Button
217.Assorted Silver Tone Girls Rings with Various Colored Stones (19) Tray not included
218.4 Prs. Silver Post Earrings
219.Beverly Hills Polo Club Stainless Watch (condition unknown)
220.Vintage Brooch and Matching Clip-On Earrings, Orange & Iridescent Orange
221.3 Necklaces, Wooden Beads and Stone Beads
222.Elgin American Fashion Compact, marked on interior
223.3 Necklaces: Red, Black and Pink Glass Beads
224.2 Metal Long Necklaces
225.3 Shell Necklaces
226.Cubic Zirconia, Style 498, Size 5, China
227.Cubic Zirconia, Style 480, Size 7, China
228.Cubic Zircoia, Size 7, not tagged, China
229.Cubic Zirconia & Lavender Stone Rings, (7) Sizes 5, 8 and unmarked
230.Cubic Zirconia & Sapphire Color Stone Rings, (7) Sizes 5, 8 and unmarked
231.Cubic Zirconia, Assorted Rings, Size 5, 6, etc. (5)
232.Rings: Austrian Crystal, Cubic Zirconia, (5) Sizes 5 and 6
233.7 Rings: Cubic Zirconia and Crystal, Sizes 5-8, Asst.
234.6 Rings: Clear & Pink CZ, Austrian Crystal, Sizes 5-8
235.6 Rings: Clear & Pink CZ, Austrian Crystal, Sizes 5-8
236.5 Rings: Clear and Pink CZ, Size 5/6, Gold Tone Metal Ring
237.2 Long Metal Gold Tone Necklaces
238.Vintage Earring Sets and Brooches (13 Total Pieces)
239.14 Sets of Ladies Clip-On Earrings
240.10 Prs. Earrings, Pierced and Screw-On
241.3 Earring and Necklace Sets
242.3 Glass Bead Necklace, Earring & Bracelet Sets: Aqua, Lavender & Topaz Colors
243.4 Asst. Necklaces and Butterfly Hanging Decoration: Silver & Black Chokers, Pink Lucite and Beaded Necklace, Gold Tone & Pearl Necklace
244.5 Assorted Necklaces & See/Hear/Speak No Evil Monkeys on a Rope
245.Cultured Pearl & Assorted Stone Post Earring Sets (10)
246.11 Assorted Bracelets: Charm, Stone, Beads
247.Decorative Box with Asst. Jewelry, Folding Opera Glasses, Watch, Brooches, Eyeglass Chains
248.Stamped Pewter Button on Tinted Brass Background, Ducks on a Pond
249.Vintage Cities Services Suede Brush, Knife, Matches, Kobalt Pocket Knife
250.Hand Stitched Blue/Black Ladies Purse with Strap, Fabric
251.Etched Crystal Handled Basket 12'H
252.3 African Hand Carved Wooden Dishes
253.Rummikub Fast Moving Rummy Tile Game
254.Butcher Knives (4)
255.Scissors and Pistol Grip Nozzle
256."Jardine" Matted, Framed Still Life with Bird Eating Grapes, Roswell, GA, 36"W x 40"H
257."Classical Elegance" Matted, Framed Etruscan Flower Pot in Columned Garden, 147/500, Wayne Yhang, 35"W x 40"H
258.Blue Office Chair on Casters
259.Blue Office Chair on Casters
260.Silk Palm Tree
261.Lg. Heavy Ornate Gilded Mirror, 52"W x 34"H
262.Burgundy Naugahyde Executive Chair, Great Condition
263.Box of Computer Wire, Phone Wire, Ethernet Cables, Printer Cables, Keyboards
264.Box of Multi-Plugs (6)
265.Authentic Southern Bell Slimline Freedom Telephone for Land Line
266.Box: 25' HDMI High Speed Cable, Ethernet Cables, RG 19 Cable, Digital Splitter, Chargers
267.HP Offijjet 600 Laser Printer with Manual and Power Cord
268.Fiesta Ware Blue Vase, 9"H, Marked
269.McCoy 2-Handled Salmon Color Urn, 9"H, Marked
270.Aqua Blue Vintage Ribbon Edge Carnival Glass Vase, 7"H

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